Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Colette Pastille in Jade

I never intended to make a second Pastille dress, as the first one was very much just for the learning, rather than for the dress, but I saw this gorgeous jade green cotton stretch poplin in FabricLand months back and knew I had to make something with it, as it's just such a lush colour, and I'm very into my greens this year!

I returned to fabric land, one Pastille down and thought what the hell, lets do it again, so I picked up a couple of meters and off we went! 
I had a bit of an alternative design in mind - I wanted to try it with a flared skirt, and pockets, but in my haste I just started drawing extra bits onto the pattern and bleurrggghhh didn't work. In the end, the pockets were hacked off (sad times) and I went back to the original  patterns, sans pleats. I did keep the contrast hem and the buttons though!

I actually started this dress way back in September, and it's been looking at me and making me feel guilty for not finishing it ever since, but I had so much trouble with the zip (as usual) that I just got so frustrated. But, new year is here and I must persevere, so I agreed with myself that I would finish this before starting any of my many new designs.

As I am lazy, I have yet to take any decent photographs of the full dress. I tried, but they looked awful, so here is a sneaky peak of the button detail, and I will post full photos soon.


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