Thursday, 14 November 2013

Two Zinnias

I will openly admit that I am a girl of very few colours. About 80% of my wardrobe is grey, black or navy, with a spot of red thrown in for good measure.

I'm working on this!

Not quite yet though, as here we have two new skirts, both Colette Zinnia, one navy polka  dot (shocker!) and one a lovely deep red. I will put up a little defence in that I am rebuilding my wardrobe away from inappropriately short skirts to skirts of a modest length, and considering the current palette these are both very much wardrobe staples.

So, onto the pattern.... I LOVE this skirt!!

A few first times for me here, first pleats, first lined skirt, first time having to hem things that actually change shape/length since cutting (a bloody nightmare I tell you!!! Possibly my least favourite sewing task yet, perhaps more so than concealed zippers).

The red skirt is version 2, without the belt loops, though I added a couple inches to the hem. The dotty skirt is a version 3, cut to the same length as I found worked well for the red one.

Following one of Sarai's blog posts about her black version 1 Zinnia, I'm inspired to make one of those also, which should get me well on the way to full wardrobe staple skirt perfection.

So, here are just a few reasons why this skirt is awesome...

1. It's a quick make, even for me. I finished the red skirt less than a week after the pattern release!
2. You don't have to make a muslin - as long as you have the waist measurement right, the rest falls into place.
3. It's super comfortable, it just hangs off your waist and feels so freeeee!
4. You can cycle in it, and not worry it being so short that it rides up and flashes people, nor so long that it gets dirty on your chain/wheels. It's the goldilocks length for cyclists.

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