Sunday, 7 September 2014

Blog Hop

The very lovely Claire over at I Want To Be A Turtle has kindly nominated me for a Blog Hop. I don't know how long it's been going, though it would be interesting to find out!

Very simply, it's a way of exploring blogger's reasons and methods for writing via four questions.

Thanks Claire for thinking of me!

Why do I write?

I've always enjoyed writing as an outlet, but I decided to start a blog purely to join in! 

After sewing small things around the home for a couple of years I decided to try my hand at clothes, and it was the discovery of Colette Patterns that played a large part here. I saw the patterns in a shop, fell in love with the Peony dress (ironically, I've never made it!). Knowing I'd need some help to make the jump to clothing, I bought the Colette Handbook and started teaching myself, then through the flickr pool discovered just how many other women all over the world were making their own clothes. I was amazed and intrigued, and found myself searching the internet and looking at hundreds of versions of a pattern before I made it, just absorbing ideas for fabric choice, colour, details, construction and fit tips, and so on.

This tool was so valuable when I was starting out, and is still so valuable to me today. I decided to start a blog so that I could add to this online search tool. Maybe my makes could help others choose which patterns to make and how they might make it? I wanted that pool of ideas to be as large a possible, and it would be selfish of me to deny others details of my projects, right!?

On top of that, it's a lovely record to have. I keep notes anyway, but it's more the emotion behind it that is captured on the blog. I might remember how much grief that zip gave me, but I'd probably forget the satisfaction of finally getting the fit right after three muslins. It's also good to come to if I'm struggling with a project - to remind myself of what I can do when I feel hopeless.

And I am so glad that I started blogging and following other sewing blogs or I wouldn't have met all the wonderful people that this network has to offer. It's rare that I meet people who I instantly click with, but I have met a LOT of them through blogs. Sewists are just the nicest people!

What am I working on?

I have a mostly finished Kitschy Coo Lady Skater on the sewing table. The bodice is far too long - everyone said this but it seemed OK until I added the weight of the skirt. I'll learn to listen one day. This is my first adventure into stretch sewing and so far it's going well! I'm taking my time, but I'm happy with the results so far. Once I've shortened the bodice it's just the sleeve cuffs and hem to do.

Next up is a handful of Sorbettos, at least one Deer and Doe Bleuet, and a cape!!! I came across this ace pattern from Charlie at This Blog Is Not For You a while ago and can't wait to make it.

I'm also dabbling in underwear, and have been testing out some stretch lace knickers using this really simple free pattern by Deby of So Sew Easy. I'm looking to try a few of of Ohhh Lulu's beautiful patterns soon, and may try my hand at bra making if I can find the courage (it sounds complicated, doesn't it!? Where do I buy all the little notions?)

How does it differ from others of it's genre?

Honestly, I suppose it doesn't. But that's okay, as it was never my goal to stand out or do anything different. Like I said before, I started a blog in order to contribute to the amazing online community, and I think the more people write about their makes and share that inspiration, the more creativity and ideas others can gather from them.

How does my writing process work?

I make notes of each project as I go. If I remember, I try to measure all fabric and trims before I start so I can see how much is left over to calculate the actual usage, in case I wish to make another. I note pattern adjustments, variations from the original pattern, anything I struggled with or would do differently next time. Some of these make it to the blog if I think people will find it interesting.

I wish I could say I was organised with my writing but that would be lying. It normally goes like this...

 - finish garment
 - want to wear garment right away but can't think of good place to photograph so just wear it
 - keep garment in washing basket for a week
 - wash garment, think I should definitely photograph this soon but I'll wait until the weather is good
 - give up and photograph it indoors or trick boyfriend into taking some photos on a day out until I have a few I can use online

I can't write until I have the pictures for some reason, and as soon as I have the photos I have to write STRAIGHT AWAY and get it online, normally because it's taken so long. I currently have 2 dresses, 2 skirts, and a jumper waiting to be photographed and blogged. Shameful. 

Who's next??

So, time to pass the baton!

Both of my nominations are lovely girls who I met at the NyLon14 event in London back in may, and have met up with since for (can you guess) fabric shopping! 

Firstly, we have Charlene of One Year, One Wardrobe who is blessed with the talent of knowing exactly what suits her, and sewing the hell out of it. Check out this gorgeous Elisalex that looks like it was made just for her (funny that!).

Secondly, we have Lindsey of French Seams and Pipe Dreams who has a great eye for fabrics. All of her projects have clearly been well thought out, I particularly like this navy/white geometric print she used for a top before hacking into a Brigitte scarf after a little scissor mishap (we've all been there).

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  1. Ooo, thank you for reminding me about Charlie's fantastic cape pattern. I might have to have a go myself.

    I hope you don't mind, but I nominated you for The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award - feel free to take part or ignore at your own free will!