Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The First Jumper!

So I just have to share these photos because I'm very excited about this project!
I bought the yarn, and cast on just 10 days ago and I'm really happy with the progress I've made already. Sadly the sewing has fallen to the side while I get more and more obsessed with this, but I consider it time well spent.
The yarn is a beautifully soft alpaca / wool blend which is so soft and I imagine will be lovely and warm. And it only cost £1.70 a ball. Amazing! This means I can do the whole project for £20 which is fine with me!
I've just finished one full round of the cable pattern and I love the way it's turning out, it's just so pleasing to watch those little cables grow!
I literally cannot wait to wear this jumper and have taken the knitting everywhere with me, I've been knitting in the pub, on the train, in the train station, and at my friends house whilst I wait for everyone else to wake up!
So yeah, here are a few snaps of the project so far, kindly modelled by my cat, Taz.

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