Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bella's Mittens

I have another finished project to share - woo!

So I recently decided to branch out a little with my handmade wardrobe making, and have rekindled my forgotten ability to knit. 
Previous to this project I've only ever made scarves and a really boring blanket which took far too long to finish (and I still can't be bothered to finish piecing it). 
So, keen for a bit of challenge I was looking out for something small and quick where I could learn a handful of new skills in a short space of time, without worrying about fit. And I found these loverly cabled mittens, which is a free download on Ravelry. Perfect!

25 or so YouTube tutorials later, I've learned the long tail cast on, the magic loop, cables, new ways of increasing/decreasing and the importance of getting the right sized needles. (I had bought the wrong ones, thanks to a dodgy conversion chart in my local wool shop). 

It was lucky really that I didn't care about fit, as these are rather huge due to my wrong sized needles, but thankfully I have a friend at craft club who said "What do you mean, these fit fine" to which I replied "would you like to keep them when they're finished?".

So, here is the lovely Fran, showing off her lovely new mittens! Mmmmm snug!

Here is the link to my Ravelry project page, if you're interested.

I've now started on another knitting project, and going for gold this time with a jumper - a super soft, snuggly, cabled, fitted jumper. Of course, many things could go wrong with this, but it's looking good so far (9 inches in) and I'm very excited to wear it! Plus, did I mention that I love a challenge? :)

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